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  • What are Collections, Panoramic Images, Projects, and Ideas?

    InArt Designs' Collections are our ready to print designs and art works that you can browse and select from for your wall or space needs. Panoramic Images are a wide selection of ultra high resolution photos ideally suited for large scale art and murals. Projects show how other interior designers and architects have used our services to create distinctive new art works for their projects. Ideas are stylistic examples of the ways that art works can be created or adapted for use in new ways on variety of materials. Use the My Portfolio option to add any collection art, panoramic photo, project reference, or idea that catches your eye, to your personal portfolios. To browse these groups simply click on Collections, Panoramic Images, Projects, or Ideas here or in the top menu list on any page.

  • How do I get pricing?

    To get pricing for our stock collection art works or Panoramic Images photos, you can just click on the Request a Quote link on that art or photo's page, enter your wall dimensions/project information, and click to send it our way. For new creative, you can click on the Contact or Request a Quote link on any page. You will be taken to a page where you can simply fill in the basic info for your project and send us any visual reference.

  • How can I select a Panoramic Image or photo suitable for large scale art or mural use?

    Go to Panoramic Images from the top menu to browse a wide selection of ultra high resolution photos ideally suited for large scale art and murals. Simply add any images of interest to your My Portfolio portfolios by selecting (or creating) new portfolios for your projects.

  • How can I Customize a collection art work or photo image?

    Many of our InArt Designs' collection art works and Panoramic Images, can have the color adjusted, pattern scaled, or other changes made to coordinate with your color palette and project needs. Just outline the customization you would like when contacting InArt Studios for a quote by clicking on the Request a Quote link. Click on Customize here, or in the menu list for more ideas on how our stock collection art can be customized.

  • How can I have InArt create a new art work?

    Creating your new art can be as simple as giving us an idea of what you would like, refining your art through our design process, and approving a strike off. Click on Create New Art in the menu list for an overview of the new art design process. To get a quote on creating a new art work, simply order an artwork from your My Portfolio or click on the Request a Quote link at the bottom of each page. Just give us a description of what you would like and upload any visual reference when you Request a Quote.

  • Can you create a "custom" mural from reference material or ideas that we provide to you?

    Yes, in fact this is one of our main strengths. Our muralists have translated their decades of experience painting grand scale murals "on-site" to producing the same high quality work digitally. We will work with you from initial sketches and color layouts to the final approved file to realize your ideas in a winning large scale art work. Just use the Request a Quote link at the bottom of each page and provide us a description of what you would like. We will contact you and provide you with a link and login to upload visual references.

  • How do I order printing or creative services?

    Once we have provided you with a quote based on your project requirements, the ordering process is simple. Simply sign off on your quote, and send it back to us with a "Purchase Order" and a fifty percent (50%) deposit. Once both are received, we begin the creative/production process.

  • What Materials can be printed on?

    InArt Studios offers many Materials, for your work to be digitally printed on. Our Tension Frame Fabric offer acoustic, anti-microbial, and metallic fabrics that can be printed and installed as one seamless fabric piece up to 16 feet (5 meters) high by 150 feet (45 meters) long. Our Tension Frame Rear Lit Fabric can be stretched over LED backlight strips to offer one seamless rear lit fabric piece up to 16 feet (5 meters) high by 150 feet (45 meters) long. Our popular Terralon anti-microbial and graffiti-resistant Type II wallcovering offers an eco-friendly sustainable choice that can contribute to LEED credits. Our textured wallcoverings provide interesting looks and plaster wallcovering gives the most realistic look to brick and stone designs. Reflective and Metallic wallcoverings are great for adding mirrorlike reflections to suitable designs. Other popular options include; window film for applying art to glass, Plex, and other rear lit display materials. Click on Materials here, or in the top menu, to see the range of materials we offer.

  • Why are your Type II wallcoverings Anti-Microbial?

    InArt Studios provides our Anti-Microbial Coating standard on all our Type II wallcovering. This hospital-grade coating dramatically reduces the time that infectious disease microbes can live on the wallcovering surface. While essential for healthcare facilities, when used in hotel rooms, lobbies, or other public locations, these anti-microbial properties can significantly reduce the risk of infection.

  • Why are your Type II wallcoverings "Anti-Graffiti"?

    InArt Studios understands the investment associated with digitally printed murals/artwork and therefore provides our Anti-Graffiti coating to help protect your investment for years to come.

  • Can I provide creative, images or graphics for you to print?

    While we are pleased to print any digital creative you might want to provide, please keep in mind, digital art files need to be very high resolution, clean, and sharp to produce a successful large scale work. Refer to our Interior and Mural Artwork Guidelines, Photo Resolution Guidelines, and Additional Bleed Allowance Guide ahead of starting art development to ensure the final files provided are properly sized and formatted. We review all files submitted to ensure suitability for large scale use. Our design staff can further assist with any additional cleaning or file preparation that might be required.

  • What is your commitment to sustainability?

    InArt Studios is commited to sustainabilty throughtout our design and print production studios. From our solar powered design studio, to using the latest in LED ink curing printer technology, our commitment is to provide your art work with the least carbon footprint possible. Our printers operate with less energy consumption, fewer consumables, and less waste due to our consistent color output. Our long lasting LED cured inks, when combined with graffiti-resistant wallcoverings and eco-friendly substrates, extend the life of your art, avoid the need for replacement, and minimize the impact to our planet.

  • What is a "strike off"?

    A "strike off" is a full-sized cropped section taken from your overall large scale art work or panoramic image. It is produced on the same material with the same finishing as the final product. This provides you with an exact sample of the final product.

  • Do you have samples that I can see and show to my clients?

    Yes, we can provide samples of our standard Type II wallcovering and tension frame fabrics. We have a limited number of sample kits that can be loaned out for your review. Due to the high cost of these kits, they will need to be returned. The kits can also be purchased if you would like.

  • Are your products fire rated and do you have technical data sheets for the Materials?

    Yes, all our products meet or exceed the NFPA 701 standard with some products meeting specific international and marine fire codes as well. Please click on Materials for more information and technical data sheets.

  • Can you help me "visualize" what the final installation will look like?

    Sure. For murals, simply provide us with a digital photograph of the site "location" for the mural/artistic installation. We can "insert" your large scale art into the scene for your review and approval. For museum exhibits, themed attractions, or projects with more sophisticated 3D art, modeling, or visualization needs, visit our 3D Art & Visualization page.

  • Do You have a printed catalog?

    Having expansive art work collections which are constantly added to, and over 50,000 Panoramic Images to choose from, we do not produce a traditional catalog. Our complete collections are most easily browsed online and all our information is available on our website. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

  • How large of a mural/artistic installation can I have produced?

    For photo murals, the only limitation is the quality and resolution of the photo. We recommend Panoramic Images photos be selected for murals over 12' wide, as only panoramic format images typically have the needed resolution. Panoramic Images have photos suitable for murals up to 50 feet (15 meters) wide. For InArt Designs Collections the maximum sizes range from 30 feet wide, to 50' wide, to unlimited width for some designs, as indicated on each art work's specification sheet. For newly created art, the easy answer is, "there are no limits".

  • What if I want to cancel my order after I have sent the 50% deposit?

    In the course of a project, client needs and budgets can change. Should you decide to have us stop work on a mural that is in the design process, your deposit will be returned to you minus any amount for "work already performed".

  • Do you handle the installation?

    Yes, we can provide installation throughout the United States. If the General Contractor or Sub-contractor is performing a installation of tradition wallcovering or similar, we will work with them to assure a smooth and problem free install. Note that tension framed fabrics, such as Descor, use a proprietary framing system that can only be installed by our certified installers.

  • Will you provide input about your murals/artistic installations during the planning stages for the interior "space"?

    Yes, by allowing us to work with you from the beginning of a project, we can make suggestions that best suit your specific space and your final vision. By giving us the opportunity to review the floor plan/elevation and your ideas for that space, we can identify any potential issues and suggest alternatives as needed.

  • Can I choose an image from an "on-line" photo house?

    Traditional "On-line" photo houses, historical societies, and traditional photographers offer additional images which, depending on format and resolution, may be workable for murals up to 10 to 12 feet in width. There are specific licensing and "rights" issues associated with images from these sources when used for murals. Please see our Photo Resolution - Size Guidelines page for additional info when considering these sources. We strongly recommend Panoramic Images photos be selected for murals over 12' wide, as only panoramic format images typically have the needed resolution. Panoramic Images have photos suitable for murals as large as 30 feet (9 meters) to over 50 feet (15 meters) wide.

  • Can I Safely and Securely Purchase with InArt Studios?

    At InArt Studios, protecting your information and making certain it is guarded is our priority. All credit card transactions are performed in a secure personal manner with our staff ensuring the safety of all your transactions.

  • What is InArt Studios' Privacy Policy?

    InArt Studios works to ensure an online environment that is safe, easy to use, and respectful of our visitors privacy. All information you provide to us is kept strictly confidential and is only utilized to provide you with the services you request. Your information will NOT be disclosed to other parties and, outside of correspondence regarding your order, you will not receive mailings from us unless you specifically request to be included. Click here to see our full Privacy Policy.

  • What is Digital Art Printing Technology?

    InArt Studios utilize the latest in large scale digital art printing technology to reproduce your art work at full size on our wallcovering, fabrics, and other materials. Our digital art printing technology allows us to faithfully reproduce the painterly nuances and photo details of our collection art and images at large scales.

  • How Do I Review and Approve a Newly Created Digital Art Work?

    For Panoramic Images and In Art Designs' Collection art, upon approval of quote, you will receive a layout showing the art or photo scaled to your wall dimensions. Upon approval of the layout (and receipt of PO/deposit) a strike off (a full sized cropped section taken from your overall large scale art work or panoramic image is printed and sent to you for approval. Upon approval of the strike off, your full size mural is printed and shipped with a panel break layout guide drawing for the installers. For us to Create a New Art Work, we first require approval of the quote and receipt of PO/deposit before design starts. The new art process involves the additional concept and progress approval steps outlined on our Create a New Art Work page.

  • How do I approve Art Work and Panoramic Image Colors?

    The colors of the art and images viewed on this site may vary from the colors of the actual art and images when printed due to differences in the way computer monitors and screens display colors. This is why we always send strike off prints for final color approval before producing your full size art work. Strike offs show the exact final colors of a portion of the full size art work on the actual material your final work will be printed.